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Master Key Systems:

  • UL 437 High Security Cylinders - patent protected
  • Tiered key controls
  • Planned master key systems and oversight
  • Multi-building master keying
  • Institutional key management

Master keying allows you to elegantly design your locking hardware to minimize the number of keys needed to access each door. In this way, master keys, sub master keys and individual keys can be created for zoned access points for various levels of users getting rid of unorganized key rings riddled with individual door keys. High security cylinders can also provide patent protected keys so they cannot be duplicated withour express permissions. These methods can build a meaningful mechanical security system or supplement to an access control or keyless entry system. Contact us to discuss your opening. Customers often have questions like these -

~ I have different brands of locks - can I still master key them?

~ What is the value of a high security keyway?

~ How do I not lose control over how many keys are in circulation?

~ If I issue a sub master, can I limit which doors it opens?

Master keying can be a meaningful way to secure and permit limited access points. With a well developed master key system, you can plan both for today and any future needs. Let us help you set up and manage an effective key control system. Contact us for a free estimate.

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