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ADA, Life Safety and Fire Code Compliant Hardware:

  • Hardware that meets the Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Life Safety Requirements and Compliances
  • UL Fire Rated Hardware

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) governs the proper hardware in common area applications where it is important to consider and implement hardware that is accessible and usable for people with varying capabilities. Life Safety and Fire Safety considerations can also impact the types and functions of hardware that are allowed to secure a door. It is imperative to understand when hardware can put a person's health and safety at risk; and what hardware is preferred or prohibited in certain applications. It bears understanding that use, occupancy, egress plans and age of the building can all affect they types and functions of allowed hardware on your door. Contact us to discuss your opening. Customers often have questions like these -

~ Can I install a deadbolt on a marked, lit fire exit door?

~ Do I have to put a lever on my high rise stairwell doors?

~ Do I need to have a panic device for egress or can I use a lever?

~ How much clearance is needed from the door to mount my push button to activate my door operator?

Life safety, ADA compliance and proper fire safety protocols can be met with proper door hardware. Let us help you identify the proper hardware for your application. Contact us for a free estimate.

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