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  • Key for Business is 100% funded by Amazon, adding an amenity at no additional charge to your community.
  • The Key for Business smart fob seamlessly integrates with your building’s existing access entry system, so your residents’ experience stays the same.
  • On delivery day, Amazon’s delivery drivers use the special Amazon delivery app to request access to the building. Drivers can only access public areas like halls or mail rooms and are tracked in GPS while at your property.
  • The Amazon smart fob supports social distancing in your community by enabling the delivery driver to enter the semi-public spaces at your property without direct contact with your staff or residents.
  • Drivers do not need to touch keypads or fob readers to access.
  • The Amazon Cloud validates the driver’s credentials using their ID, route, GPS location and time of request before access is granted.
  • Drivers see your custom, photo based, delivery instructions to increase delivery security and accuracy.

Visit www.amazon.com/keyforbusiness for more info.

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